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Welcome to Immigrid, your comprehensive guide for all who dream of immigrating, studying, or working in Canada. By gathering scattered pieces of Canadian immigration information and presenting them in one centralized platform, Immigrid makes it easy for you to navigate the complexities of the immigration process.

Unlock the door to a wealth of knowledge about life and living in Canada, and let Immigrid be your trusted companion on your journey towards making your Canadian dreams a reality.

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Immigrid aims to be the premier online resource center for all aspects of Canadian immigration, providing aspiring immigrants, students, and workers with comprehensive information and support to navigate their journey to Canada with confidence.

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Immigrid’s mission is to consolidate essential information about Canadian immigration, life, and living, making it easily accessible and creating a supportive community that enables users to make informed decisions and achieve their Canadian dreams.

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Immigrid is a one stop solution to all your Canada Immigration related information and queries.

Immigrid brings together the otherwise scattered immigration resources under a common hood. Explore our Video Library for explanations on everything related to Life and Living in Canada. Immipedia contains A-Z information about everything relevant to travelling, working, living, studying, immigrating to Canada. Join our mailing list and stay on top of all the updates by IRCC.

The resources are 100% free and will always be. Immigrid is a by an immigrant, for an immigrant community.

Do you plan on studying, traveling, working and/or settling in Canada? Do you learn the immigration process from one place and get the rest pieces from several other spots? At immigrid you’d egt all that in one space and save your time and money.


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Alok GautamCEO Olbrain
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"Immigrid as an initiative is a much required effort to help immigrants get all the information on one platform"
Saransh KhattarChartered Accountant
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"For me the biggest help was the video collection. More than anything, it helped me foresee my life in Canada."
Alok BhartiProgram Manager
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It seems to be be a great initiative to help the immigrant community. Needless to say much needed. Best of Luck to team immigrid!