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Every year, more than 200,000 immigrants come to Canada to work and live as permanent residents. To get a PR, applicants have to go through the Express Entry program. The higher the Canadian Express Entry score, the higher are the chances of your application getting into the Express Entry pool. The scores are calculated with the help of the CRS(Comprehensive Ranking System) tool.

Getting employment in Canada is not an easy feat. However, it is not impossible. You can even get a job from outside Canada. Once you get a job offer, you can easily get a Permanent Residency as well. Then, later on, you may also be eligible for Canadian citizenship. So, how do you get a good score for the Express Entry program? How are the points calculated? And what can you do to improve your score? If you want to know the details of all this, you’ve come to the right place. We will discuss details about the Canadian Express Entry Score Calculator and more in this article.

What is the Express Entry?

The Express Entry program is a program for immigrants who want to come to Canada and live there as permanent residents. The Canadian government uses this program to manage PR applications. There are certain economic immigration programs under the Express Entry. Thus, these programs help fill the labor gaps in the Canadian marketplace.

Namely, there are three main programs under the Express Entry that you can apply for. They are:

  • Canadian Experience Class
  • Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program

You must be eligible for at least one of three programs to be eligible to apply for Express Entry. Find out if you’re eligible for each of the programs. Then, you can check if your Express Entry profile score is good enough. You need to have a score that is above the cutoff score to get an invitation. You also need to get all your documents ready for the application. Once you get an invitation, you’ll have 60 days to submit your application.

The Comprehensive Ranking System(CRS)

The Comprehensive Ranking System(CRS) is a tool that the canadian immigration points calculator authorities use to assess your profile. This tool helps them rank your Express Entry profile amongst other candidates. The CRS is a point-based system used to assess your profile. As of 2022, the minimum CRS score to qualify for Express Entry is 67 points out of 100.

There are a few factors that the CRS takes into account while evaluating your profile and awarding points. Things like your skills, education levels, language proficiency, work experience, and other factors determine your score. Consequently, the highest-scoring profiles receive invitations to apply under the Express Entry.

How to Use Canadian Express Entry Score Calculator?

The CRS ranks eligible candidates for immigration through Express Entry. The components under which your Canadian Express Entry Score Calculator factors assessed are:

  • human capital factors
  • dependent spouse, children or other family members
  • skill transferability factors
  • provincial nominations
  • job offers
  • Canadian study experience
  • French language skills

There are a total of 1200 points available under the canadian immigration points calculator comprehensive system. Accordingly, the applicants who come to Canada without any dependent family members can achieve a maximum amount of these points:

  • 500 points for core human capital factors
  • 100 points for skill transferability factors
  • If the candidate has a provincial nomination, they can achieve up to 600 points, or
  • If the candidate has a valid job offer, up to 200 points
  • 30 points for Canadian study experience
  • For language skills, up to 50 points for French proficiency with English language skills
  • If the candidate has a sibling in Canada, they can receive a maximum of 15 points

Additionally, the applicants who come to Canada with dependents linked to their application may achieve a maximum amount of these points:

  • a maximum of 460 points for the core human capital factor
  • 40 points for the core human capital factor for the spouse or common-law partner
  • A total of 600 points in case the applicant has a provincial nomination
  • 200 points for a valid job offer
  • 30 points if the candidate has Canadian study experience
  • An additional 50 points for language proficiency in French and English
  • If the candidate has a sibling in Canada, a maximum of 15 points. One sibling of the applicant and their common-law partner or spouse is considered.

Canadian Express Entry Score Calculator Factors:

The CRS(Comprehensive Ranking System) ranks the profiles of the Express Entry based on a few factors. These Canadian Express Entry Score Calculator factors will give an assessment of a candidate’s profile and rank them against the other Express Entry profiles. So, to get into the pool, you need to get a high Canadian Express Entry Score. The canadian pr points calculator factors that determine your scores are:

1) Age

Age is a major criterion if you’re applying for the Express Entry program. Though it is not mandatory, it is preferable that you meet the preferred age group when you apply. Currently, it is best if the applicants are under 30 years old. This age group is preferred as it will award you the maximum number of points for this factor. Applicants under 18 years of age cannot receive any points under this category. The candidates who are above 18 years receive 99 points. If you’re 19 years of age, then you can receive a maximum of 105 points. Consequently, candidates who are in the age group 20-29 years of age can receive a maximum of 110 points. Then, the points decrease to 105 points if you’re 31 and so on.

2) Education

The level of education that you receive also impacts your CRS score. Canada is interested in attracting highly educated immigrants. So, if you have exceptional educational qualifications you can get high points for your Express Entry profile. Educated immigrants may be awarded a maximum of 150 points for their degrees and educational qualifications. Applicants applying with a dependent spouse or common-law partner in their application may receive a maximum of 140 points, The lowest points are for a high school diploma which is 30 points. The highest number of points i.e., 150 points is for a doctorate(Ph.D.) degree. For your educational qualifications to be valid, you need to get an ECA(Educational Credential Assessment) report. This report will prove that your foreign education is equal to that of Canada.

3) Work Experience

If you have valid work experience, this greatly increases your chances of getting into the Express Entry pool. Furthermore, having Canadian work experience significantly increases your probability of receiving an invitation to apply for the Express Entry programs. Eligible applicants can get up to a maximum of 70 points if they’re applying with their spouse. However, if they’re applying without any dependents included in their application, they can get up to a maximum of 80 points. One year of work experience is worth 40 points and 5 years of work experience is worth up to 80 points.

4) Language skills

For language skills, applicants need to have a high score in their language proficiency tests. Canada’s official languages determine what language proficiency test you need. Thus, you need to take English and/or French language tests. The proficiency is determined based on four language abilities: speaking, reading, writing, and listening. You can get a maximum of 160 points for your language abilities. Applicants can get a maximum of 34 points for each language ability for both languages. In addition, a spouse or a common-law partner can get up to 32 points for each ability. Thus, the primary applicant can receive a maximum of 136 points. If the language is a second language, you may get an additional 6 points for each language ability totaling 24 points. As a result, you may be able to get a total of 160 points. Applicants applying with a dependent can get up to 150.

5) Job offers

A valid job offer from a Canadian employer can also strengthen your Express Entry profile. For your job offer to be valid, your employer will need to give you a job offer letter or a contract. The contract will contain all the details of your employment like job title, description, salary, and the duration of your employment if applicable. In addition to this, your employer will also need to give you an LMIA(Labor Market Impact Assessment). The LMIA shows the necessity of hiring a foreign employee. The place of your employment must also comply with Canadian labor laws. An applicant may be able to receive a total of 200 points for a valid job offer.

6) Adaptability

There are a few additional factors that might be able to get you more points for your Canadian Express Entry score. Your past study, work experience, and family or relatives already living in Canada can help you gain extra points. Having a provincial nomination from a province or territory can help you obtain a total of 600 points. If you’re applying with a dependent spouse or a common-law partner included in your application, this can also help you acquire additional points.

Ways to improve your Canadian Express Entry Score

If your Canadian Express Entry score is low, you can improve the score easily. If you have any doubts on Canadian Express Entry Score Calculator Factors or whether your profile will receive an invitation to apply, simply make sure that your CRS score is high enough. There are a number of ways you can improve your CRS score. They are;

1) Improve your language proficiency

One of the most important factors to assess your profile is your language proficiency test results. You can take these tests as many times as you like. If your first test result scores aren’t as good, you can practice again and then take the test. You need to make sure you have an excellent language test result as it can add up to 160 points for your profile.

2) Provincial Nominee Program

You can also apply for a Provincial Nominee Program. You can get a nomination from the province or territory by applying to their skilled worker programs. The programs vary and depend according to the province you’re applying for. If your application gets selected and you receive a nomination, it can significantly improve your score. You may be able to get a maximum of 600 points for a provincial nomination under canadian immigration points calculator.

3) Get a Job offer

Receiving a job offer also improves your chances of getting in the Express Entry pool. So, you need to be able to network well in the job market in Canada. If you receive a job offer from an employer in Canada, it can improve your score up to 200 points. While getting a job offer, you need to make sure your employer sends you a copy of a positive LMIA along with your job offer letter.

4) Study in Canada

You can also reap tons of benefits if you get your education from Canada. If you have a high school diploma, degree, or certificate from a Canadian institute, you may gain 30 extra points. Lots of immigrants come to Canada as international students. You can also get a work permit and work in Canada after you graduate. Then, you can apply for the Express Entry program with your Canadian work experience and Canadian educational degrees. This will greatly improve your Express Entry score.

5) Canadian work experience

If you’re able to add your Canadian work experience to your Express Entry profile, it will tremendously help you get into the pool. Having Canadian work experience shows Canadian Immigration authorities that you can work and live in Canada with no issues. Your work experience will add a maximum of 80 points to your Express Entry profile. Your past experience will also help you adapt and live in Canada more easily.

6) Dependents included in the application

Having dependents included in your application also might be able to gain you extra points for your Canadian Express Entry score. A dependent’s level of education can help you acquire a maximum of 10 points. Their language proficiency will also help you gain an extra 20 points. Canadian work experience of a spouse can also add up to 10 points to your Express Entry profile. So, adding a dependent in your application might be a good decision.

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