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Moving to Canada is one of the best things you can do for your family. In comparison to its North American counterparts, Canada has faster PR processing and abundant job opportunities for immigrants. There are also easy ways to move to Canada that immigrants can apply. The country loves immigrants, as it sorely needs them to keep the economy stable. The Canadian workforce is strengthened with the regular influx of immigrants. This significantly aids vital sectors like Information Technology, Education, Hospitality, Finance, Real estate, etc.

In Canada, public schools provide high-quality education, which is made accessible to all children. Graduate and post-graduate studies are also quite affordable. Universities in Canada are ranked among the world’s best; they provide scholarship opportunities, aid student loans, and focus on skill development that helps students win high-paying jobs. Hence, the nation attracts a huge chunk of international students each year.

If you weren’t much interested in moving to Canada when you started reading this article; I’m confident you are by now! But you must have questions about how you can do it? What are the easiest and fastest ways to move to Canada? Well, the Canada Couple is here to give you all the details on the quickest ways to immigrate to Canada.

A Couple to the rescue

Canada Couple is a YouTube channel run by a couple, Manpreet and her husband Harmeet. They got their PR(Permanent Residence) status in April 2018 and now lead a peaceful and prosperous Canadian life. The couple has two YouTube channels where they post informative and entertaining content. ‘Canada Couple’, is where they upload videos focused on immigration to Canada and its nuances. While ‘Canada Couple Vlogs’ is where they provide the audiences with a peek into their lives. Taking the audience on exotic trips and exploring adventures that the country has to offer. Their YouTube channels are very popular and have about half a million subscribers. Potential immigrants should definitely follow their channel to keep updated with the latest immigration laws and updates.

Visit Canada

In one of the recent videos, they talk about the fastest and the easiest ways of moving to Canada. The first and the easiest way is by getting a visitor’s visa to Canada. You can go to Canada on a pleasure trip or visit any family that you might have there. You can then look for jobs or make some connections with people in the job market. The aim is to secure a job offer and then convert the visitor visa to a work visa. Though sometimes, landing a job before the visa expires can be a challenge. In which case, you can use the connections to find a job and return to Canada on a work visa.

Time to Learn

The second way is through a study permit. A study permit is one of the easiest ways to go to Canada. There are plenty of world-class colleges and universities in Canada. Many of them provide generous scholarships to deserving students. Overall, migrating to Canada for graduate or post-graduate studies is definitely a wise decision. The Candian education helps you in understanding the job market and tuning yourself to it. There is also a cherry at the top; International students also have the option to apply for a work visa while they’re in Canada. So you can also apply for jobs while you’re studying, and lead a better lifestyle. You can also apply for a PR after you complete your studies in Canada.

Nail the Job Market

Getting a work visa from a Canadian employer is also an option if you want to move to Canada fast. Securing a job offer will help you move to Canada and get you your PR in about 3-4 years. But, it does come with some challenges. The employer will have to convince the government on why hiring you is a good choice. Here is where Labor Market Impact Assessment comes or LMIA comes in.

LMIA helps explain why hiring a candidate without a PR is a good idea. Also, the candidate themself needs to convince the employer why they are a fit candidate for the job. But, once you convince your employer that you are what their company requires; you will most probably be able to secure the job. There is also the advantage that after you get the job, you gain Canadian work experience. If you later apply for the Express Entry program, you’d get extra points for the work experience. (The express entry program is a program used by the Canadian government to manage immigration applications of skilled workers.) 

Other ways to move to Canada

So, I’ve told you about the 3 easiest ways you move to Canada. The other three ways that you can apply to move to Canada are:

  • Getting a spouse’s sponsorship(Spousal Visa)
  • Trades agreement
  • AIPP(Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program)
    • The Atlantic High-Skilled Program,
    • Atlantic Intermediate-Skilled Program and
    • the Atlantic International Graduate Program

There are also plans for new immigration programs that Canada will be launching soon. Want to learn in detail about the latter ways that the couple talks about? Watch the video and learn all about the 6 quickest and easiest ways to move to Canada. And don’t forget to like the video if you enjoyed the content and subscribe to their channel for new content. If you want other details on the immigration process, be sure to check out their other videos as well.

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