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Pacific Canadian Immigration Solutions Inc.

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PC Immigration Canada is dedicated to providing comprehensive immigration services designed to help individuals navigate the complexities of moving to Canada. Their services are tailored to meet a wide range of needs, from obtaining work permits and handling permanent residency applications to assisting with family sponsorships and more specialized needs like dealing with criminal rehabilitation and appeals.

The firm boasts a robust portfolio of services aimed at ensuring smooth transitions for those planning to work, study, or live permanently in Canada. They offer detailed consultations and assessments to help clients understand their eligibility for various programs, such as Express Entry and Provincial Nominee Programs. Moreover, they provide ongoing support throughout the application process, from paperwork submission to final approval, ensuring that clients are well-informed and prepared for their new life in Canada.

PC Immigration Canada also excels in providing assistance for temporary stays, including visitor visas and study permits, making sure clients comply with all legal requirements while enjoying their stay in Canada. Their approach is client-centered, focusing on providing personalized legal strategies that cater to the individual circumstances and goals of each client.

Key services - 

  • Permanent Residency Applications: Assisting with various pathways to permanent residency including family sponsorships and skilled worker programs.
  • Work Permits and Employment-Based Visas: Guidance on obtaining the necessary permits for working in Canada.
  • Study Permits: Assistance in applying for permits required for international students.
  • Visitor Visas: Help with applications for temporary stays in Canada.
  • Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP): Support in applying through provinces for immigration.
  • Express Entry Applications: Help with entries into the Express Entry pool and improving candidates' profiles.
  • Citizenship Applications: Assistance in the process from permanent residency to Canadian citizenship.
  • Family Sponsorship: Facilitating applications to sponsor family members for immigration to Canada.
  • Appeals and Admissibility Hearings: Representation for clients facing immigration refusals or inadmissibility issues.
  • Humanitarian and Compassionate Applications: Assistance with applications on humanitarian or compassionate grounds.

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