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Permanent residency for international students

Permanent Residency for International students is being offered to reduce the population of temporary residents

Permanent residency for international students might not be such a challenge anymore. In an effort to manage the population of temporary residents in Canada, the Immigration Minister, Marc Miller, has proposed offering them permanent resident status. However, this does not guarantee that everyone who wishes to stay will be granted this status. The government aims to set limits on the number of new temporary residents in order to control population growth.

Provincial and Territorial Efforts to Transition Temporary Visa Holders

During a meeting with his provincial and territorial counterparts, Minister Miller discussed the possibility of expanding immigration programs at the provincial level. This could provide a pathway for temporary visa holders to transition into permanent residents. Several provincial ministers expressed their support for this approach, recognizing the benefits of retaining skilled workers and contributing to the growth of their respective regions.

The Federal Government’s Goal to Reduce Temporary Residents’ Share of Population

The federal government has set a target to decrease the proportion of temporary residents in the overall population by 2027. This goal reflects the government’s commitment to ensure a sustainable and balanced population growth, while also considering the needs of the economy and the well-being of Canadian citizens.

Opportunities for International Students

Starting in September, international students in Canada will be allowed to work up to 24 hours per week. This change aims to provide students with more opportunities to gain work experience and support themselves financially during their studies. It also recognizes the valuable contributions that international students make to the Canadian economy and society.

Concerns from Quebec Employers Group

The Quebec Employers Group has expressed concerns about the potential impact of the “political” immigration debate on job opportunities. They fear that the ongoing discussions and debates surrounding immigration policies may create uncertainty and discourage employers from hiring foreign workers. The group emphasizes the importance of maintaining a stable and predictable immigration system to support economic growth and meet labor market demands.

Life in Canada for Permanent Residents

For those who successfully obtain permanent resident status in Canada, there are numerous benefits and opportunities available. Permanent residents have the right to live, work, and study anywhere in Canada. They are eligible for social benefits, such as healthcare coverage, and can apply for Canadian citizenship after meeting certain residency requirements. Canada is known for its high standard of living, diverse culture, and strong social support systems, making it an attractive destination for immigrants seeking a better quality of life.

Challenges Faced by Immigrants in Canada

While Canada offers many opportunities, immigrants may also face challenges when settling in the country. Language barriers, cultural adaptation, and finding employment in their field of expertise are common hurdles that immigrants may encounter. However, the Canadian government and various organizations provide support and resources to help newcomers overcome these challenges and integrate into Canadian society.

Inflation in Canada and its Impact

Inflation is an important economic factor that affects the cost of living in any country, including Canada. In recent years, Canada has experienced a moderate level of inflation, which has influenced the prices of goods and services. While inflation can lead to higher costs for consumers, it also reflects a growing economy and increased demand. The Canadian government closely monitors inflation rates and implements measures to maintain price stability and ensure the overall well-being of its citizens.

Permanent Residency for international students


Canada’s approach to managing the population of temporary residents involves offering them a pathway to permanent residency. This strategy aims to control population growth while retaining skilled workers and contributing to regional development. The federal government’s goal to reduce the proportion of temporary residents reflects a commitment to sustainable population growth. International students will have more opportunities to work and gain valuable experience, and concerns from employers in Quebec highlight the importance of a stable immigration system. For those who become permanent residents, Canada offers a high standard of living and diverse opportunities. While challenges may arise, the Canadian government and various organizations provide support to help immigrants settle and succeed in their new home.

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